Ted Golden, M.D., Best 2024 Candidate 

Michigan House of Representatives, District 55

​Rochester, Rochester Hills, Oakland Township

Welcome to Ted Golden, M.D.

Seeking Your Vote from District 55

I could be running in 2024 for the Michigan House of Representatives District 55.  District 55 includes Rochester, Rochester Hills, and Oakland Township. 

I want to advocate for my core issues.  

Fair taxation for healthcare expenses is a major issue that should be addressed in Michigan.  

I am currently working on trying to improve the culture at MSU by eliminating from MSU the Nassar enablers who still work there. Click here to read the five speeches that I gave to the MSU Board of Trustees about the Nassar scandal.   

Most of the problems that I tried to improve when I ran in 2018, and previous years still remain including police officer fitness.  Please, go to police officer fitness, which was a major cause of the violent murder of George Floyd. Unfair taxation in health care, which I call the greatest disparity in health care and other health care issues remain. Therefore, at this time little has changed on this web site.   

I hope that you will spend some time on this web site, and my other web site www.tagolden.com as it will be the major way that I will campaign in 2024.


Ted Golden, M.D. 

Music In The Park, July, 2018

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