I will not run in 2022 for the Michigan House of Representatives District 55. District 55 includes Rochester, Rochester Hills, and Oakland Township. 

Patricia Bernard, Ph.D. won the Democratic Party's primary for Michigan House District 55.  I will vote for Patricia Bernard, Ph.D. in November. 

I want candidates to advocate for my core issues.  

Fair taxation for healthcare expenses is a major issue that should be addressed in Michigan.  I am currently working on trying to improve the culture at MSU by eliminating from MSU the Nassar enablers who still work there. Click here to read the speech that I gave to the MSU Board of Trustees on Sept. 18, 2021.  

Most of the problems that I tried to improve when I ran in 2018, and previous years still remain including police officer fitness.  Please, go to police officer fitness, which was a major cause of the violent murder of George Floyd. Unfair taxation in health care, which I call the greatest disparity in health care and other health care issues remain. Therefore, at this time little has changed on this web site.   

I hope that you will spend some time on this web site and my other web site www.tagolden.com as it would be the major way that I would have presented my campaign in 2022 if I had run.


Ted Golden, M.D. 

Music In The Park, July, 2018

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