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This section of my web site will contain articles that I have written on various topics concerning candidates, current news, and other topics.  Please, click on articles that interest you.

  1. Fire Kristine Moore  MSU Title IX attorney who told a complainant in 2014 that she did not know the difference between a sexual assault and a medical procedure.
  2. Congressman Mike Bishop Tax Reform
  3. Bill Schuette  I fully support what he is doing concerning the Flint Water Crisis and MSU.
  4. Per Capita Income  Michigan ranks low and it underlies many of our problems. ​     
  5. Lt. Governor Brian Calley Shows Leadership In MSU-Nassar Scandal  
  6. Why the Disparity In How Health Insurance Premiums and Medical Expenses Are Treated For Tax Purposes?
  7. What About Rep. Michael Webber?