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                                                                       Drunk Driving

In 2018 Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) released a Report to the Nation which ranked the states on  implementing proven drunk driving countermeasures. Michigan received one out of five stars and ranked next to the last.

According to the Oakland Press "Michigan earned its only star for having a law that establishes enhanced penalties for those who drive drunk with children in the vehicle. The state could have earned four additional stars by: requiring ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers; conducting sobriety checkpoints, participating in "no-refusal" activities for those suspected of drunk driving; and utilizing Administrative License Revocation (ALR) for drunk driving offenders.”

I will work to ensure that Michigan earns more MADD stars in the future. I have advocated for many years that all drunk drivers be required to take Antabuse. Antabuse is a medication that deters drinking by blocking the metabolic process of alcohol in the body which causes the the drinker to feel ill.  

Prevent Drunk Drivers From Causing This

Stop DUI

Republican Etiology?  Definitely!!!

The Republican controlled Michigan legislatures would not fund road maintenance!!!

Bad Roads and Drunk Drivers

What is the problem?  Michigan's climate is hard on the roads, but is that the only reason the roads are bad?  What about lack of funding and maintenance?  What about design, type of materials used, and construction technique?  Who is responsible and who can be held accountable?  Are we getting our moneys worth on what we spend on roads?

Roads have been inadequately funded for years and therefore not properly maintained.  At the state level the Republicans have been in charge and should take the blame.  Road construction is big business.  I want the money spent wisely.    

I am not a road construction engineer nor an expert in road construction.  I want our roads to be built with the best scientific and engineering principles.  Michigan should fund scientific research on road construction.  We need good people with minds devoted to road construction.  Which of our schools has the best programs to train our road construction engineers?  Money should be allocated for education and training in road construction.  Which road construction materials and models are the best, and what about the most bang for the buck?  Roads that fail should be analyzed concerning why?  Strict construction, maintenance, and longevity (warranty) standards should be stipulated in road construction contracts and enforced with stiff penalties.  Those working at all levels of government overseeing our roads must be of high caliber in that type of work and held accountable.  There should be complete transparency in their work.  I will strive to make sure that our laws concerning roads lead to smooth rides instead of suspension or tire wrecking potholes. 

Will It Last?

Bad Road In Rochester Hills                           Every Ten Yards                                     Falling Apart Annually                              Where?   Why?

Michigan allows the heaviest trucks in the nation.  Too much weight is bad for the roads.  Time for a road saving truck diet.

Alcoholism is a bad illness and needs treatment.

Do Not Tolerate Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a serious crime for the criminal justice system.